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Basic Sites

Basic Website – Ensure that you have online presence by having a functional basic website that helps promote your business. Highlight critical areas of your business in terms of your overall product and service and area of specialization by providing summary information page. Make your contact information clear and provide as many ways for potential customers or buyers to reach you including phone and email and social media accounts. Link your social media account to your website bi-directionally to expand your access points. Make sure that your website is easy to navigate making menus, links, photos and other content user friendly. In these days, website is no longer a enhancement to your business but a must if you want potential customers to reach you and give a professional image of your business.

Smart Sites

– Is your website outdated? Does your website drive away potential customers due to frustration on slowness and lack of interesting materials then its time to make your website “smarter”. In this service, either for an existing or brand-new website usually your website tends to have more functionally and content than a basic website. While its good to provide a lot of information and features, you need to consider the loading time of each page. In addition, if you want to keep and update and manage content frequently such as blogs, photos, customer testimonials, instructional videos, pricing you will want a website that’s easier to update particularly if you’re a non-technical and don’t want to rely of website developers for these minor or recurring updates.

Web Design

Does your website project your image? Does it give your business a fresh look? Website design is a service that analyzes and redesigns the “face lift” needed to make your website look more current. Sometimes its as simple as making key features and function more animated if your website is just static. Does your web page require a lot of left to right navigation as pages and partially viewable in most devices? Is it configured for mobile phone viewing? These areas are key for redesigning which makes your website more appealing to visitors.

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Sometimes you just need quick & dirty, a site that tells your brand or business story in a quick, concise manner. We provide traditional website design and development. Not every website needs to be a full fledged wordpress driven one. Static site generators are alternate means of driving your site's online presence and there are a wide array of other CMS's out there in the ether to choose from.



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