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Includes WP plugin updates, theme updates, CSS/JS/HTML issues. This includes WP version updates  WP security tasks.

Annual Maintenance: $200 plus $ 40.00 for initial diagnosis and consultation or;
    Monthly maintenance of $30 for a minimum of 3 months plus $40 for initial diagnosis and consultation. You can cancel the following month with 10 business days’ notice before the next billing cycle.


Convert existing websites from other platforms to a more user-friendly CMS like WordPress. For example from Drupal to WordPress. This allows clients to be able to be self-sufficient in doing minor updates, redesign, and manage content by themselves. Basic package from $900 and the range depends on the extent of conversion.

Content Management
Content management for initial launch or relaunch purposes and training client on ongoing content management. Basic package from $ 300 with possible hourly options.
* Insert articles/hyperlink on SEO and Content Management that is easy to understand for business clients should be non-technical and should state business benefits.

Design a new or redesign an existing website with emphasis on UI & UX or other relevant functionalities (i.e. e-commerce/on-line store or membership).

Presentation layer is fully captured in hi-fidelity wireframes and a narrative that explains the function of each major section of a new web property. Basic package from $ 400 up to $2,500 for a major implementation.


Search Engine Optimization  and responsive retrofit. Work with clients in specific business needs of small to medium scale businesses. Basic package from $300 with possible hourly options.

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