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GRAPHITIKA DIGITAL CREATIVE SERVICES is a one man show that brings 13 years of agency experience, hard-won skills and technical + creative artistry to the table.

Working for with you to bring your ideas, goals, and projects to life, to stimulate your web presence or modify existing designs with improved UI, UX, and all other essential modifications to keep your site visitors converting.

Why Should I?

I bring my A game and a deep passion for hand crafted excellence in every project that I work upon, least or great. This isn’t simply a steady stream of gig work for me but rather, my bread & butter is optimizing your web presence for maximum effect. I always provide my clients with a great deal of intelligence in latest trends, best practices and potentiality on what can realistically be achieved in variable budgets, and turnaround times.

I also go above and beyond the call of duty, with a devotion toward excellence in whatever product (and service) that I provide.

You’re going to like love ❤️ the way your site looks, I guarantee it.

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Summer Harris

Art Director

Jason is a passionate, skilled and experienced UX/UI engineer from the Windy City (Chicago) now currently situated in the sunny piedmont state of North Carolina.</p> <p>Besides designing products for his personal clients he has hobbies ranging from cooking and working out to poetry, writing, martial arts and running his furry compadre Sabi (short for Wassabi), a real prince of dogs.

Jasmine Thompson

Art Director

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Sometimes you just need quick & dirty, a site that tells your brand or business story in a quick, concise manner. We provide traditional website design and development. Not every website needs to be a full fledged wordpress driven one. Static site generators are alternate means of driving your site's online presence and there are a wide array of other CMS's out there in the ether to choose from.



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